We Are  New Zealand Based  Certified Welding Company.

SETHI WELDERS LTD is a Welding & Fabricating business based in Auckland with more than 10 years of professional experience with Welding and Fabrication. We also have our own workshop in Manukau, Auckland.


Welcome to Sethi Welders Limited

We are New Zeland Based Certified Welding & Fabricating company.

We are experienced in welding industry more than 10 years. Today we are located in Auckland, servicing a lot of services at competitive prices. The quality of our wrought iron is produced using both traditional and modern blacksmithing techniques. Our aim is to provide our valued customers with quality wrought iron products at a price to suit their budget. 

At Sethi Welders Limited wrought iron we believe that all exterior wrought iron exposed to weather should be hot dip galvanized and powdercoated to ensure that long lasting beauty only possible with quality wrought iron work. 

Warp Ironworks wrought iron craftsmen are trained in both hand and machine aided blacksmith techniques, this is important in the wrought iron industry as many wrought iron pieces can only be properly produced by hand and hammer on the anvil. We are also equipped with a blacksmiths power hammer for the heavier wrought iron work. We encourage you to browse through our product gallery to view a small sample of our quality wrought iron. 

We can provide complete welding services, fabrication services in Auckland. We handle all Commercial, Industrial and Residential sectors, large and small project with the utmost expertise and professionalism.